Thursday, 12 February 2015

TAI PAN, Northwood

A more local suburban take on Thai food.
Tofu lacked flavor, prawn toast was nice and meaty, sweet and sour chicken was sweet and sour chicken. Where things started to look up was when they brought out the chili fried broccoli, veggie dumplings, egg fried rice and noodles! I felt full and satisfied.

Service on the other hand - blimey if you ever felt unwanted in a restaurant this was the time! Constantly asking if my friend and I were finished when we clearly had just started out main course was incredibly rude. They also were confused between plum and peanut sauce, which confused me but I know my sauces! Still I prevailed because the ambiance and laid back vibes made up for the service. I wouldn't rush back any time soon but would visit again (in the distance future!)

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